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Make a Good Mutual Aid Plan

Mutual Aid for a More Just World pt. 13

First Published at Cultured

Image by Lisic via Shutterstock

Voluntary associations persist today. Rather than competing for resources and hoarding, we thrive most when we work together to meet real, human needs now. Alas, these oppressive systems established themselves before you or I ever came into this world.

A better world is possible, though, and it’s within our collective power to achieve that. Success need not come at the expense of others; let's thrive together. Also, we need not begin anew. Let's build on what we have already, too.

We saw how the Black Panther Party negated this white supremacist culture to uplift black communities by any means necessary. They fulfilled human needs, and the result was to improve the life trajectories of young people of color.

The Amish continue their frolics and build strong communities through shared work and play. Start a free store or swap shop like the Diggers in your city or town for an alternative to fiat economics. Let's become communities that care about one another once more, and some may call it a gift economy.

Whether you host a fridge, manage a garden, or work behind the scenes to organize things - we need you. Everyone has a part to play, and follow your heart to do your best. But as always, take care of you, too, and make time to rest.

You can take part in mutual aid, as well! Where there is an unmet need in our communities, let's build relationships with the people who care enough to show up and make a difference. One needs both the willpower and the belief that something is possible to make it happen.

Join a just cause that aligns with your core values. Find ways to lower or end barriers to food, education, healthcare, and more. With what Kropotkin taught us about mutual aid in the natural world, and the examples presented in this series, we have a great roadmap to move forward in solidarity. Show us that Volunteer spirit!

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