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Assign Roles and Start to Grow

Start a New Garden Series - Step 6

Delegate Responsibility

Find out who can dedicate time to work in the garden. Generally, having one or two people oversee operations ensures consistent adherence to plans and schedules and shared responsibility. Set a day of the week for everyone to meet and work together. Dedicate some people to water regularly.

This process may be informal, or you can hold regular elections to vote for officeholders. You could have a president to coordinate and administrate, a vice-president to share that responsibility, a treasurer to maintain finances, a secretary for documentation and legal, and even a community organizer to plan regular events and outreach. It is worth mentioning how membership looks and whether there are dues or minimum work hours requirements.

Go Grow

Look at you; you are ready to grow. What once felt daunting and impossible now seems within reach. How wild to think that others also value growing their food! You know exactly where you want to garden, and you secured funding.

Within your small community, you all have the ability, know-how, tools, and everything else you need to manifest this dream into reality. Plan your layout, know your responsibilities, and what you want to plant. No one has ever been as prepared as you to cultivate your heart’s desires. Now go forth, be fruitful, and multiply.

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